Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 19 - Serial Number 1, March 2019, Pages 1-262 
Susceptibility to flooding in the Razavar Watershed using analytical hierarchy process method

Pages 35-50

Hashem Nouri; Kaka Shahedi; Mahmoud Habibnezhad Roshan; Attaolah Kavian; Marzban Faramarzi

Evaluation of Seismic Condition and Physical and Demographic Vulnerability in Rafsanjan City

Pages 123-150

Hosain Ghazanfarpour; Mohsen Pourkhosravani; Mahdiyeh Soleimani Sardo

Evaluation of Deterministic seismic hazard in Nowshahr Port by using fuzzy system

Pages 175-194

Farsahad Alizadeh; Narges Afsari; Fataneh Taghizadeh Farahmand